Manx Craft Guild

Gillian Malpass

Hi  My name is Gill.  9 years ago my daughter came home with a note from school asking if anyone could help at their weekly card club.  I said Yes absolutely but know nothing about crafting!.  Wow!  I never thought of myself as arty crafty but I think we all have hidden depths and very quickly realised there was  much much more to it than just sticking a few bits on a piece of card!   So many different techniques.   I am totally hooked and love it and besides crafting at the school for nearly 9 years I volunteered at the prison for nearly 4 years and also at a home for the elderly which I still go to.  I have met a wonderful set of like minded crafters and we meet regularly sharing ideas.  Last year I joined the Manx Crafters Guild – another set of lovely like minded people.   Since making cards I have started looking at other ways to create gorgeous pieces of work and have recently painted and decorated some MDF shapes.  Watch this space!